I hugged him and listened to all his laments, my delay in seeing him, the fear of abandonment and being alone in a big city. All this dripped down his eyes. Looking from afar, we seemed like two young guys (aren’t we!?), in love but inaccurate. We braced ourselves, I felt his sweet coziness and the protection of his arms, his tender voice that danced through my ears among so many insipid others.

So we went on, playing pretend. His complaints, my advances, his retreats, my fondling. A complex dance between two distinct elements, his and mine. Air and fire intercrossing in movements, sometimes calm, sometimes turbulent - but invariably gracious. Our movements were spontaneous and came from deep our souls and cells, from generations and millennia of coadaptations and conjunctions, from somewhere heavenly and astrological, from the cosmos that we are. An elemental Tango.

Image by Esther Wagner

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2 Responses to Tango

  1. Daaaaaaaaaamn! This one is even better in english.
    Love it.


  2. This is so beautiful! I´m honored that you used my image to illustrate your touching story!


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